In the general mentoring framework of your business, the M.A.T.I. experts examine all the relevant possibilities for loans and financing and you receive a financing package suited to the data of the business and the entrepreneur's preferences.

After you have selected the suitable track, M.A.T.I. Western Galilee prepares and submits your application to public and private financing funds whose objective is the starting up and expansion of small and medium businesses. Please note that the submission of every application for financing from the funds requires the submission of a business plan.

List of the Existing Financing Funds

Loan Fund Maximum Amount Designation
State Guaranteed Fund 750,000 NIS For businesses of up to 70 employees and an annual turnover of 10 to 22 million NIS
State Guaranteed Fund 500,000 NIS For businesses of up to 70 employees and an annual turnover of up to 10 million NIS
The Association for Interest Free Loans

(The fund is temporarily inactive).90,000 NISBusinesses and projects with a monthly sales turnover of up to 150,000 NISShemesh Fund90,000 NISNew entrepreneurs up to the age of 33Natan Fund100,000 NISNew entrepreneurs lacking financial meansFund for Self-Employed Immigrants100,000 NISNew immigrants in Israel up to ten years and returning residents up to two years after their returnWestern Galilee Fund200,000 NISBusinesses in Akko and Matte AsherGalilee Fund160,000 NISFor businesses in the fields of agriculture, tourism or industry in the GalileeNew York Fund200,000 NISBusinesses in the Galilee, women and immigrants from the Caucasus and EthiopiaThe Fund for Women's Empowerment20,000 NISWomenSulam Fund135,000 NISFor the development of businesses and projects in the Arab sectorTzafona Fund for Businesses2,000,000 NISFor industry and  job creation in the Galilee

The conditions of the various loans are liable to change by the Funds from time to time.