In recent years M.A.T.I. Western Galilee has been a partner in a variety of programs for different communities. The "Browsing in Businesses" Project – promoting internet projects for special populations. This is a project administered by M.A.T.I. Western Galilee in association with Bituach Leumi Nahariya and the Joint, and its purpose is to promote internet projects in special populations. We are confident that people with certain limitations can make use of the Internet to create income and to start up a business, as management of an online business can be carried out from home. The Internet also provides anonymity between the client and the entrepreneur.

The project's aims are:

  • Personal and group empowerment
  • Learning and teaching the fundamentals of electronic commerce
  • Mentoring for starting up the business and coaching during the business's initial period

A Project for Introducing Prisoners in Tzalmon Prison to Entrepreneurship before their Release

  • Entrepreneurship for prisoners in conjunction with the Small and Medium Enterprises Authority and the Israel Prison Industries
  • Meetings on the subjects of entrepreneurship, setting up a business and empowerment

"Doing Business Together" Project – Coexistence Promotes Businesses

This project is a network of business relations for both Arab and Jewish businesses in the Galilee. A mixed group of active Arab and Jewish business owners will meet on a regular basis and will create a circle of acquaintances, connections and cooperation with businessmen from a variety of areas. This is a wonderful opportunity to obtain wide exposure and to expand your business activity!

"Starting up a Business" Project

Creating places of employment for job seekers who appear in the Employment Service offices and who's eligibility for unemployment benefits is about to end through starting up small businesses. The program is intended for weaker population groups (new immigrants, ultra-Orthodox, the physically challenged, minorities, young people). The program has a track for business entrepreneurship which includes instruction for entrepreneurship and provision of the services required to set up an independent business.

"Entrepreneurship at the Limit of Your Ability" Project

A project for physically challenged population groups who are residents of the city of Akko. The project is in conjunction with the Center for the Development of Human Capital and Young People in Akko, the Momentum in Employment organization and the Neighborhood Renewal Project. The complete track of the program includes entrepreneurship and empowerment, including mentoring and obtaining financing for entrepreneurship.

Women's Advancement in the Arab Sector

Acquiring a popular trade/profession, including instruction, consulting and mentoring for setting up a business enterprise

Projects in Education

M.A.T.I. from time to time initiates and runs educational enterprises for children and teenagers that are connected to the entrepreneurial approach and other topics. M.A.T.I. carries out these activities as a contribution to the community.