When you plan on carrying out a business move such as starting up a business or expanding business activity, it is important to carry out in-depth planning and a detailed forecast, which are implemented in the framework of a business plan. This is also the right thing to do when you want to obtain a loan or grant or to find an investor. In most cases, you will be asked to prepare a business plan which includes a detailed business forecast.

By means of the M.A.T.I. Western Galilee experts, you will be able to construct a business plan that will permit you an overall view of the entrepreneurial/business move you plan to carry out.

The abundant experience we have accumulated in preparing thousands of business plans for a variety of purposes for banks and various financing funds will enable us to write a special plan for you in accordance with the needs of the business and your business strategy.

For what will you use the business plan?

  1. To use yourself for examining the profitability and for planning the business, including forecasts for the future
  2. To receive a loan from financing funds
  3. To add an investor/partner to the business
  4. To receive bank credit or credit from another source