In recent years alternative/complementary medicine has begun to flourish as part of a general world process of returning to our roots and to nature, and public awareness of the branches of alternative/complementary medicine has increased. This has created an opportunity for the professional and business advancement of therapists.

As a result of this, M.A.T.I. Western Galilee and the Israel Small and Medium Enterprises Authority have set up the Izunim Center – to provide a solution for the business needs of alternative/complementary medicine therapists.

Testing of Ideas and a Feasibility Study – the Most Important Stage before Starting Up a Business

Do you have an idea? Have you thought of a new business enterprise? Don't be hasty; first check whether it is feasible.

When you think about setting up a business, developing a new product or upgrading an existing business, check its feasibility and profitability. M.A.T.I.'s expert economists will carry out the tests from the initial stage.