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Surveys and studies carried out throughout the world indicate that businesses have a better chance of succeeding if when they first start out they make use of professional business consulting and if they raise financing properly. Do you want to succeed! Start here!

The Western Galilee Business Development Center is a nonprofit institution (NPO) whose purpose is assisting with the starting up of new businesses, the establishment and expansion of existing businesses and support and mentoring of the business by providing business consulting, arranging for loans with easy terms, and offering courses and workshops for the acquiring of business knowledge and management tools. M.A.T.I. Western Galilee was founded and operates with the assistance of public bodies, local authorities and representatives of the business community in the region, with the purpose of promoting economic growth and helping to create new jobs in the business sector.

M.A.T.I. Western Galilee offers its services to entrepreneurs with ideas for small businesses of up to 100 employees.

Join the 2,500 entrepreneurs and business owners who make strides towards success each year with M.A.T.I. Western Galilee.

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